If everyone has the best product, aren’t they really all just the same?

Remember when Buddy the Elf took Jovie to the “World’s Best Coffee Shop” on their date? Jovie was blindfolded as she tasted the “Best” coffee and was disappointed by the lackluster taste. Watch Jovie’s reaction here. Do consumers really believe the “Best” slogan anymore?

Recently, I have seen a ton of business signs and advertisements that claim they are the best bank, restaurant, retail, automotive, etc. in the business. If more and more business’s claim is they are the best, aren’t they just getting lost in a failed marketing slogan? The more consumers see that banner or claim, the lesser the desired effect has.

Second Best Cotton Candy in Last Vegas?

Who wouldn’t want to try the “Second Best Cotton Candy in Last Vegas?” When I was a Freshman at BYU, I got hired for a weekend job working at a NASCAR event in Las Vegas with 3 of my friends (Andy Allred, David Bean, and Stephen Pister) selling concessions.

Andy and I were tasked with walking the stands at the NASCAR Event (I know nothing about NASCAR or I would call it be the race’s name) selling cotton candy. I realized quickly that it was a tough sell as there were numerous other cotton candy salespeople. Andy and I started a competition to see who could sell more. As other cotton candy entrepreneurs were exclaiming that they all had the “Best” cotton candy available, Andy and I realized we had a new slogan: “Second Best Cotton Candy in Las Vegas”

Andy and I started to yell that we had the second best cotton candy in Las Vegas and everyone started to stop and look at us with a perplexed look. Before we knew it, people would stop and ask us why we only had the second best cotton candy. We answered that we didn’t want to lie and lead people astray when we weren’t positive we were the best… And we started to sell a lot of cotton candy. As soon as people would stop to ask us about our claim, the sale was so much easier to close.

We realized that you just need to stand out and do something differently. A simple marketing lesson, that once embraced, pays off.


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