Bringing a Website Up To Par

The Ranches Golf Club is located in Eagle Mountain, Utah and makes great use of the natural hills and desert landscape of Utah’s mountains. Their website needed to better showcase the caliber of the website and help bring more exposure to the links styled course. Take a look at what has changed.

  • Updating the eCommerce solution
  • Creating a mobile and tablet responsive website
  • Improving event functionality
  • Showcasing the beauty of the course
  • Telling better stories with their blog
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Updating the eCommerce Solution

to improve the user experience

and increase online sales

The new website, using WooCommerce, allows each product have a uniform look and feel and showcases the details of each product offered. Users can now purchase multiple items, use discount codes, pay right on the website, and navigate easily between online products.

The Ranches Golf Club can now refer customers to their website to purchase season passes or special promotions. To aid in marketing, they can easily update coupon codes for individual products or place certain items on sale. eCommerce brings a whole new opportunity to easily market their online offerings.

Creating a mobile and tablet

friendly website

More and more websites are being viewed on mobile and tablet devices. In fact, The Ranches website views are currently 55% mobile, 30% desktop, and 15% tablet. The Ranches Golf Club needed a website that was truly responsive offering a clean look/feel while making it easy to find what golfers are looking for.

The golf course can now refer golfers to their website and be confident that their customers can find the information needed as well as increase the likelihood that they would return to the website.

Improving event functionality

and increase event engagement

Golf courses thrive on both fun and professional events, but they aren't well attended if they aren't communicated clearly.

The Ranches Golf Club can now accept payment, registration, and add/edit/remove events without paying for custom web development. The events also look nice and are something that they feel comfortable sharing.

Our site was well past “Behind the times” and now we are a leap ahead of the competitors in the area!

Cory JunckMarketing Manager

Showcasing the beauty of the course

The Ranches Golf Course is a beautiful site and it show be showed off by great imagery. While building the website we made to sure to incorporate as many pictures as possible to bring the feeling of golfing to the user as the explored the website.

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