If you can adequately tell your story,

marketing your company will be so much easier.

One of the best parts of running and agency is being able to talk to multiple businesses a week. The first question asked to new clients is ‘What is your story?’ Your story defines you, what makes your business stand out, and what benefits you provide to your customer base.

Think about your elevator pitch and how much you enjoy sharing what your company does and what problems it solves. Marketing is telling a story, dressing it up, and delivering that story to your targeted audience. Let’s start with your story.

First Step

What Is Your Story?

Telling your story is not sharing the chronological story of your company. Nor is it boasting about all the great milestones, profits, or offices you have.

To be able to tell your story you have to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about why your customer would choose you? Better yet, what problem existed drove your customer to look for a solution.

Your business exists to solve somebody’s problem? How did you come to the realization that your businesses needed to exist. Your customer wants to know that you are sincerely focused on their problem. By telling your story you can not only reach a larger audience, you can start to win your customer’s business before they even talk to you.

Second Step

How You Solve problems?

Now that you have defined the problem your business solves, think about how your business actually solves problems.

What mechanism have you employed to solve problems? Does your business offer consult, physical products, software, or baked goods?

Did you handmade the baked goods, code the software, or become a consultant based on your past experience. Detailing how your solution solves problems builds authority for your brand and helps the customer trust in your service.

Final Step

What Benefit(s) Your Business Brings?

Finally, what is the net result of your business? What emotion does your end user feel when your solution makes their lives better? What does your product or service allow your customer to do?

Does your service free up time that is usually spent doing tedious work? Or does your soda shop offer a delicious refuge that puts a smile on your customer’s face? Disneyland doesn’t sell roller coaster rides and overpriced concessions, they sell family memories.

Think about the benefit of your product or service and make that your selling point. Don’t sell a donut, sell a delicious start to your Saturday morning. Instead of selling software, sell the time saved by working with your business.

Too often we focus on promoting what we do instead of how we provide benefit to our end customer.

Think about your business, what it does, what is solves, and then tell your story.


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