Increase your brand authority by blogging.

One of the most common questions companies ask us is if blogging about their business is really worth their time. Blogging can seem futile, tiresome, and usually becomes less of a priority.

When addressing this question, we love to probe business owners with the question, “Why do customers need your business?” With that little inquiry, their passion ignites. The conversation completely changes from not knowing what to write about to having too much to say.

Think about what your business has to offer. Why do customer’s need your business?

When you think about what drives your business, the environment in which it lives, and what questions you can answer, suddenly you have a lot more to write about than originally thought.

The benefits of blogging are numberless, and they all will help increase revenue and establish your business as the voice of your industry. Here are four ways writing a blog will help you today.

Blogging Will Increase Your Brand Reach

Somebody has to write about your industry, and that may as well be you. If your business aims to make your customer’s lives better, you should talk about your solutions and ways you are improving your industry. By speaking to your industry and publishing news for your industry, you are establishing your brand as the authority in your space.

To be the authority in your space, start with blogging.

Blogging Will Grow Your Network

Blogging and sharing your blog posts will increase your brand footprint and exposure. In doing so, new relationships will come naturally. You will reach people inside and outside of your industry that will reach out to you with questions, comments, and business development opportunities.

Take the example of a Dental Blog. Dentist offices usually write about dental hygiene and best practices, as they should, but imagine if they were to promote their local community events. Bob’s Dental (hopefully not a real practice) could take a look at upcoming events in their community and post links to each event to help keep their patients and followers informed of their community. This type of post not only shows a vested interest in their community but can open doors to work with the community on other events.

Blogging Will Greatly Increase Your Content

There is no easier way to create valuable content than blogging. By writing a blog, you are answering questions (hypothetically or explicitly) for your audience. When a potential customer searches something specific around your industry, you might be able to answer them through a post.

Answering questions is a great way to establish your voice and give customers confidence.

Blogging Will Help You Realize What Topics Your Audience Wants

Check your analytics, social statistics, and engagement of each of your posts to find out what works and what your audience likes to hear. Once you establish what resonates well with your audience, you can develop a plan to create similar content for your core website pages.

For help coming up with blog post ideas, check out Rand Fishkin of Moz’s post addressing what content you should create.

Now go and write your next blog post!

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