With each coming day, someone has the new secret to being on the first page of Google search results. We are here to tell you that there is no secret.

No hidden formula, no mysterious code, no guaranteed format, or no given price point to be precedence to the first page of Google search results.

While we love to share what long-term strategies are best to build your brand, search engine ranking, and overall conversion, we want to share a list of things that will not help you be found on the first page of Google search results.

Here is how to not get found on Google search results:

  • Add hundreds of meta keywords and vague meta descriptions–Be true to your brand and business. Remember to be simple and straightforward when marketing your product. By trying to rank for everything, you will end up ranking for nothing.
  • Hire someone who promises you first or second position within a month–Good, honest SEO takes time. If you want to rise in search ranking it should be a process, especially if you want to keep that ranking when Google rolls out new updates.
  • Avoid your social media accounts–Keeping active social media accounts, and linking them from and to your website, will help you rise in your search ranking. It is especially important to keep an active/informative Google+ page.
  • Don’t use alt tags on your images–Google crawls websites to understand what your website is all about. Although we wouldn’t put it past Google, we doubt their code analyzes each pixel to understand your images.  Make sure to use alt tags to describe what photos on your website are about.
  • Disregard Google Webmaster’s tools–You should make it a habit to log into your Google Webmaster’s account to check on 404’s and terms that are getting people to your site. Fix 404’s and let Google know they are fixed, nobody want’s a broken website. While you are there, check on the terms that are bringing people to your site and adjust your content, if appropriate, to reflect your customer’s keywords.

These are a just a few tips, but ones that should be followed if you do not want to be found on Google’s search results.


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