Full-Service Marketing for Full-Fledged Entrepreneurs

Plot Your Story.

Plot Your Growth.

Why Plot Plot?

Unbox Your Customers and Market to Them

  • Create Your Buyer Persona
  • Simplify Your Brand Messaging
  • Create a Complete Marketing Funnel
  • Increase Your Visibility and Contacts

Plot Plot is an agency that helps you shape your marketing to get the most out of your efforts. We love to look at your brand, your story, and help you view your business from your customer’s point of view.

What We Provide

This is Why You Are Here

Brand Storytelling

Nobody cares about you. There, we said it. People care about why your business can make their life easier or better. Let's reframe your story to better shape your entire marketing efforts.


Let's face it, people are going to check out your website. And it better be ready. Websites, today, are as much as a validity check as they are informational. We help you simplify your message in a beautiful way.

Marketing Funnel

Most businesses have a misconstrued view of the marketing funnel. Let's build out an entire funnel and help you track from awareness all the way through repeat business through happy customers.

Marketing Strategy

You are the entrepreneur and you have the story. Let's chat about how to best attack your persona and what is needed to grow and polish your business with benchmarks and reports.

Social Media

Social media is here to stay, well for now. Each business persona has different social media needs; let's find yours and help you build a social strategy to increase awareness and drive engagement.

Marketing Automation

There is actually a lot that is happening behind the scenes for the best marketing machines. Let's chat CRM, email automation, website chat, and growth strategies of your best asset: your customers.